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The Watchmen's Chronicle (Free)
3/22/2020 9:04:19 PM
The Watchmen's Chronicle is a series about Raymond Mitchell Moore was once a Marine sniper and CIA assassin. The United States is now known as the Republican Occupied Majority European States of America, and an emperor named Natal Apollyon Vicar rules it. Respected for his service to his country, Raymond is given the job of Natals press secretary, never expecting he would soon be tried for treason. Raymond is caught and imprisoned for leaking a blog called The Watchmen Chronicle. His enemies are high up in the government: Secret Service agents and even his nemesis, the Reverend Maximus Coven. Coven was once part of a secret prophetic society, called the Watchmen Intercessory Counsel, which forewarned about Natals meteoric rise to power. Now one hundred years old, Raymond awaits trial for treason, but while rotting in prison, he writes an important journal about how Natals family came to power and how he met them. As it turns out, Raymond is much more than a press secretary; he was once given the task of raising a boy who would become the antichrist. Raymond has protected Natal all his life, so is he guilty or innocent of doing something awful and in whose eyes?
Podcast: Walking In the Light
3/22/2020 8:43:26 PM

Please join the Podcast that will try teaching God’s word without compromise. “The Walking in the Light,” podcast which you can download for free to all my listeners. Tune in every week on Friday evening. Some subjects we discuss are: What is the true meaning of righteousness? What’s the difference between being right and righteous? What is the definition of spiritual and natural laws? Can we find spiritual and natural laws in the Bible? What is the true meaning of thanksgiving, praise, and worship? What is the tree called morality? And many more topics as we go forward… If you are interested in more information. Just click the like button on FaceBook. You can also go to the feedback section of the website, and we’ll get back to you. I hope to hear from you soon. Coming in July in 2021, God Bless.

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